What are the most important things we need to do to make and keep friends?


The ancient philosophers and scientists agree the key to happiness is our relationships with others. Wheher you are a prestigious proffessional, you earn a lot of money, you have freedom to travel wherever you want. If you don´t feel loved and valued you will never be truly happy.

Having friends with whom to share your life is so important to feel good that everything else can seem secondary.

Many people believe that friendship must be “born” naturally, and that the reserve isn´t true. Social pshycology has shown that friendships are built from the similarity and proximity. Physical proximity is essential to solidify a friendship. The more contact you have with someone the better you Know your personalities and you will have more trust. It is usual to be friends with our neighbours or whoever sits nears us at work.

The strongest bond that can form between people is trust. And when you expose your fears or insecurities you are giving your trust and your truth.

I think if you want to make new friends you must keep open them, to show your vulnerability find what unites us, deeper emotions in this union and do different things to get out of the routine.

In conclusion making friends seems easy but if it were easy there wouldn´t be so many servives to connect people and websites to interact with each other. 



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